Our volunteer-led tree care group is part of the the Penwith Tree Planters, a small friendly group that meet weekly on Sundays 2-4pm at the Farm. No experience is necessary, and there are jobs that are suitable for all ages. Tools and gloves are provided. Giving time to nature by planting trees is a fun way of contributing to our personal wellbeing as well as caring for our environment. Do you have an hour or two to help us plant and care for our tree saplings?.

For more information email Terry at

The group have been caring for the thousands of trees planted in our community woodland a few years ago and recently planted a number of shelter-belts around our allotments, standing stone field and camping fields using a mixture of native trees and species designed to withstand future changes in climate.

From time to time we are able to secure grant funding to host youth groups to gain experience of tree planting here e.g. Branching Out recently funded visits from St. Just Primary, Cape Cornwall School, Scouts and Home Ed groups. The tree group are now running a pilot project to collect seed and propagate new saplings in a Tree Nursery in our community polytunnel.

Scots Pine saplings in the Tree Nursery

The group welcomes new members. They meet throughout the Autumn, Winter and Spring months to undertake tree-planting, tree-mulching, clearing of tree-guards and other tree-care activities across our farm.

The trees in this shelterbelt were funded by Branching Out with support from Penwith Landscape Partnership for us to supervise youth groups planting the trees. Our weekly Sunday tree care group led by Terry and Karl, have been mulching to help keep weeds at bay and to help lock moisture in the ground. This line of trees will help to create shelter for people, crops, hens and wildlife as well as improving soil quality and mitigating against climate change and flooding.