Hay is now sold out for this season. Back on sale in summer 2024

Our small hay bales are £3.50 each sold at our farm shop. We can offer a delivery service for orders of 10 bales within a three mile radius for a £5 delivery fee. Our hay is cut from our own traditional wildflower hay meadows (“unimproved”) so it is full of different grasses and herbaceous species (i.e. it is not too “rich” with rye-grass), making it ideal for horses. All the ragwort is removed from the meadows before cutting. The bales are small five-foot bales, unwrapped, stored in our open barn. The meadows are unsprayed and unfertilised. We cut late in the season, usually August, to give the flowering species time to set seed, and the insects that thrive in our meadows time to complete their life-cycles.