We are the largest CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) project in Cornwall with 36 acres and we are the 2nd oldest. We are signed up to the Wholesome food association pledge, Bosavern is not certified organic but we do farm with organic principles (this is because of the cost of getting the organic license but also the higher costs we would have to pass on to our customers if we only used certified organic suppliers). We use organic or local suppliers wherever we can, we don’t use chemicals on the land, we actively protect and enhance biodiversity, we keep bees, we manage our habitats for wildlife and pollinators and we recognise the importance of our heritage hedgerows. We have wildflower meadows and we are planting and caring for thousands of trees in our community woodland as well as creating shelter belts for our crops and for our workers. We are mindful of soil carbon capture and local soil enrichment. We recycle organic matter to improve the nutrient quality of our soil, we use minimum tillage, low mechanisation and we have some areas of “no-dig”. We aim for minimal input in relation to our output. Our chickens are fed GM-free feed and we make use of chicken manure as part of a four year crop cycle.

By buying our produce and helping at our farm you are mitigating against climate change, regenerating the soil, increasing biodiversity, making the community more resilient as well as improving your own gut health, mental health and physical health.

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