Bosavern Community Farm

Raised beds are popular
The central pathway
Brassicas do really well
All shapes and sizes!
Definitely the best-kept allotment winner!
Joint effort

In February 2019, one of our long-term goals was realised when a field was divided up for allotments which are now occupied by a thriving allotment community. Our community-owned allotments are located in south-facing Pepper Field, adjoining the native tree lines and upper reaches of Cot Valley. This field has its own vehicular access off the B3306 as well as access to water. In recent years the field has benefited substantially from the installation of french drains avoiding water-logging in the plots and channeling excess water towards our young saplings in the field boundaries, planted during the lockdowns to create shelterbelts in years to come. The plots are rabbit fenced and wildlife scrapes have been created at the lower end of the site. All plots are now occupied by a thriving allotment community, growing a variety of vegetables, fruit and flowers. We have a short waiting list; contact Rose, Laurie & Joe on: for more information

In the heart of the farm there are compost toilets, a farm shop which sells fresh produce and groceries, seed, seed trays, potting compost and garden waste compost by the sack or barrow load. There is also a shared kitchen and an indoor, social seating area inside The Castle polytunnel for tea and coffee at morning break (11am) and lunchtime (1-2pm) for which donations are welcomed.

Annual Fees

£50 for a full plot
£30 for a 1/2 plot

Kenidjack Allotments Association

The Kenidjack Allotments Site is rented by Bosavern Community Enterprises from the National Trust and day to day management of the plots is delegated by BCE to the Kenidjack Allotments Association.

Contact Peter Davies (Chair) on