At Bosavern we are helping to restore the balance of nature. Some of the best wildlife spotting sites on our nature trail are our wildflower meadows. These are a vital resource for pollinators including honeybees, bumblebees, solitary and mining bees, butterflies and moths, all of which can be seen on the trail. Bee, butterfly, dragonfly, wildflower, and tree guides are all available on request. Please take care as you walk. We cut brambles and stinging nettles as little as possible because the butterflies love them. The ground can also be uneven where the rabbits burrow!

#wildbosavern is something we created alongside our nature trail in an attempt to encourage people to share any wildlife photos seen here! Tag your photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @BosavernFarm #WildBosavern

Take a look at these wildlife photos taken here at Bosavern Community Farm by our team, volunteers and visitors, (shown with permission from the photographers):