Poster for creating positive energy workshop at Bosavern Community Farm

Saturday 15th June 2024
9:30am – 4pm
Held at Bosavern Community Farm, lunch provided

For information about bursaries please contact

Optimism, positivity, resilience, gratitude and generosity are critical skills for well-being. At the heart of this program are Self-Reliance, Self-Responsibility and Self-Leadership, resulting in increased happiness and well-being. To register and for more details of this transformational course, visit

Previous course feedback

“Excellent. Demonstrated by Yvonne’s ability to weave themes effortlessly.”

“In depth knowledge, I felt I could ask questions and get helpful answers”

“The discussion around shared parenting and celebrating differences was particularly helpful for me”

“Effective use of time and subject content”

“Yvonne’s ability to maintain continuity throughout whilst being able to address matters as they arose was brilliant.”

“Yvonne provided clear guidelines and shared her own very personal experiences.”

“Felt very safe and private when I wanted it to be”