A WWOOFer looks back


‘Great experience all-round, I stayed for 1 month in February and had a grand ol’ time – if it’s your first time WWOOFing or even first time on a farm and you’re looking for structure and guidance, this is the place for you. There’s a monthly work rota in the shed so you can see when you’re working which makes it really easy to plan days off for
exploring. The work is varied enough too, farm duty ranges from picking salad, digging potatoes, sowing seeds and harvesting whatever vegetables are in season, if  you’re ever unsure Hugh or the other volunteers are more than happy to show you. Chicken duty is a big part of volunteering so it definitely suits people who re happy with an
earlier start and you aren’t bothered by muck and noise, after shadowing Hugh for a day on chicken duty it was easy-peasy to pick up, and if you’re ever confused  it’s even written out on a sheet in the house . All in all, the work becomes pretty routine after the first week and can really become quite rewarding working in a team towards
the goal every day, WWOOFers tend to share a good sense of comradery which is great. Lyndz, the WWOOF host, was an absolute gem, so accommodating and a very genuine person; I can’t thank her enough for everything she did for us all in the time that I stayed. GRMA Bosavern!

‘It’s been a tonic to come more regularly on a Monday morning and do some harvesting and meet new woofers and farm crew – good to feel part of something healthy  🌞🌱🌱’ (Fran, community volunteer)

‘There’s always good chats at Bosavern with the crew the wwoofers and the shoppers 🙂’(Ali, community volunteer)