The Farm has very few paid employees (we wish it were more!) and can only run with the help of volunteers. We’re always looking to recruit more volunteers to work on and help manage the Farm.

The Work of the farm

If you’d like to get involved in the work of growing, selling and delivering Farm food and can spare half a day or so a week click here to find out more.

Directors and Advisors

The Farm has a small team of Directors/Advisers responsible for planning the Farm’s strategic direction and its financial oversight. The main qualification is a commitment to the aims of the farm and a willingness to be a hands-on Director/Advisor. Advisers have specific areas of expertise which they are happy to commit as needed to the Farm’s development and management but may be unable to consistently commit the the amount of time that is required of Directors. Together, Advisors and Directors lead on ensuring the development and continued viability of the farm. The kinds of experience and skill-sets that would be particularly welcome are around supporting financial management and control, project management, construction and the built environment, renewables technology, grant funding and bid writing and, of course, sustainable and environmentally friendly farming and growing. If you’d like to find out more about becoming a Director or Advisor for the Farm, just contact any of the current Board members for a chat. You’ll find contact details on the team page here.


For everyone thinking of making a Will, or updating their Will – how about leaving a legacy to Bosavern Community Farm?

Or perhaps you would like to remember a loved one by planting a memorial tree in tribute to them? Native broad leaf woodland and hedgerow trees can be planted in many locations around the farm to enhance wildlife habitat, provide wind protection and improve air quality.

To request more information about Legacies or Memorial Trees, please contact us.