We would like to communicate several actions we are taking in light of the recent changes to Government Advice (as at 17 March 2020) surrounding the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. We are following the current advice for both business and households.

1. Reducing social interaction, following social distancing guidance to protect those most vulnerable to serious illness.
– We have cancelled our Spring Open Day on Sunday 5th April. We do not want to create unnecessary risk to anyone. Our priority is the farming of vegetables to provide fresh food to the community particularly during this health crisis. We do not yet know how long the social distancing advice will be in place. Many of our community may be in the midst of self-isolating when the event was due to happen.
– Our Vegetable Box delivery will continue as normal on Fridays. Joining forms can be requested via email from vegbox.bcf@bcents.org People can order a weekly, fortnightly or one-off Veg Box to suit their needs. Eggs, milk and bread are also available for veg boxes.
– We are now taking extra orders for home delivery in the local vacinity (3 mile radius) to provide supplies to those who are self-isolating. We can take orders via telephone or email for any produce in the farm shop such as rice, pasta, soup etc., to be paid by credit or debit card over the phone. Minimum order is £25. We will aim to deliver within 1 day. We will work with the St Just Mutual Aid Group to reach those most vulnerable.

2. Avoid non-essential use of public transport, varying your travel times to avoid rush hour, when possible.
– We have cancelled farm volunteers who would have been travelling to us from abroad within the next month (possibly longer). Most International volunteers who stay at our farm would use public transport to arrive here and this presents a risk we are not willing to take.
– Our current European volunteers have been staying at the farm since last year.
– Any UK volunteers asking to come to the farm will be considered carefully with regards to their current location (city or rural) and means of travel. Travelling alone by car presents a much lower risk than using public transport.

3. Handwashing & Hygiene
– We have increased our regular handwashing proceedures as per the advice in the last couple of weeks. We already have a strict routine of handwashing in place when moving between farm field, egg processing room and farm shop. Frequency of this routine has increased and we are using paper towel to dry hands rather than shared cotton hand towels. We also have anti-bac gel available in the farm shop for staff, volunteer and customers.
– We have increased the frequency of our regular cleaning routines in the farmhouse, farm shop, and surfaces in the vegetable & egg packing area.

We will continue to review our proceedures following any updates of official advice and hope everyone stays healthy and well.